our mission

Promote Collaboration - Share Knowledge

  • Organize scientific or professional meetings, lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other related events.
  • Issue newsletters.
  • Support the production of publications, studies and analysis
  • Participate in cooperation platforms with other bodies, register in the relevant registers kept by public bodies and taking initiatives for the promotion of joint actions and collaboration
  • Undertake the implementation of research, educational, training programs and studies that are funded by the State or other public or private organizations or the EU. or other international organizations.
  • Invite Greek and foreign recognized scientists, social organizations and non-governmental organizations in order to participate or co-organize events.

Forge relations - Award the Worthee

  • Establish and endorse grants, scholarships and awards
  • Support social and cultural organizations, collaborate with economic and social bodies.
  • Participate in any appropriate way in the efforts of private or public bodies involved in the management and mitigation of the phenomenon of increased refugee flows and the economic crisis.
  • Assure and promote the free expression of opinion by its members, encouraging of pluralism and the development of democratic and constructive dialogue.
  • Cooperate with bodies of Local Government, Prefectures etc. towards the achievement of the goals of the Association.

Reaching Summits Together

  • Support and facilitate the systematic communication among its members for the formation of positions on issues related to the above purposes and the formulation of proposals to the respective competent bodies, the representation of the members of the Association in the competent administrative and non-administrative bodies, authorities and organizations in relation to issues of common interest.
  • Assign project contracts to legal or physical entities, in order to receive technical assistance for the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken in context of programs or other projects that the Association will participate in.
  • Take part in agreements for conducting research or developing programs with any Public and Private Entities, such as public bodies, local government, state or transnational bodies, companies, organizations etc.